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Vo2 Metabolic Testing 

Train Smarter Not Harder

  • Increase in Vo2 Max

  • Accurately map your Heart rate zones

  • Find your Fat-Max zone

  • See you FAT/Carb burn

  • Identify limitations in your Heart rate zones

  • See your Heart and Lung Fitness 

  • Movement Economy

  • Heart Fitness

  • Lung Fitness

  • Cellular Fitness

After 3 months of VO2 based training,

users improve in all important areas

PNOĒ overview - Male indoor cycling .jpg

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing



  • The most accurate way to see how fast your Metabolic Rate

  • See how effective your body is at burning Fats to Carbohydrates

  • The gold standard in determining how many calories you need to consume daily to loose/maintain or increase weight

  • Invaluable information for every healthy weight loss program

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