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Personal Trainer


-VO2 Max Metabolic Testing     $179 per test   3 Test Package $399


-Resting Metabolic Rate Testing $99

- Swim Coaching and Video Analysis $99 per session

-Endless Pool Training Session $20 for 30 min session

-One to one Sports Specific strength and conditioning – $50 per session

      (Small group ( 2-3 people) pricing is available  upon request)

-Therapeutic Massage $80 per session

  • Specializing in Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Medical Massage


-Full  Service Bike Tune Up $80

Bike Fit  $110

Running Event or Marathon


We develop personalized training plans for 5km to Marathon for all level athletes . We do recommend a heartrate monitor to get the most out of all you training.  Never run a 5km before? take advantage of our free "Couch to 5km" program

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Group of Road Bikers


Whether you're a Beginner or an Elite, if you want to become Faster, Stronger, Lighter, More Efficient or just want to be in Better Shape !
"Your journey begins at Mile 1"

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